A resident was duped into purchasing gift cards worth $14,500. Create History Clothing

A resident was duped into purchasing gift cards worth $14,500.

An Ohio resident reported being a victim of fraud on July 8 and went to the police station.

The woman said that she had gotten an email from PayPal claiming that she had bought bitcoin for $500, which she had not done.

When the woman called the identified fraud expert, he or she informed her that there was a $10,000 purchase for land in Thailand already made on her checking account.

She was advised by the man that she needed to buy gift cards to settle the matter. The woman bought exactly that, totaling $14,500.

She was then instructed to withdraw $10,000 in cash in order to open a new account. Fortunately, her bank would not permit her to carry out the transaction.

Then it was instructed to purchase more gift cards. The woman knew she was being conned at that point. No one is a suspect. Police are looking into it.

A homeowner of Rockside Road visited the police station on July 7 to complain about recent threatening texts he had received.

He claimed to be the owner of a rental house in Brook Park. A renter who had problems paying the rent is currently being evicted by him. The threatening emails made mention of the eviction.

He suspected that the threats might have been made by the woman’s current boyfriend or the father of her children.

The tenant, according to the resident, was unaware of the texts until he reached out to him. Detectives are looking into it.

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