Arizona Man tricked golfers into donating for fake charity tournament

Arizona Man tricked golfers into donating for fake charity tournament

Robert F. Alexander, 57, is charged with fraud after it was claimed that he deceived golfers into thinking he was planning a charity event to support the Wounded Warrior Project, a group that helps military veterans.

According to court documents, Alexander allegedly received $900 in cash from a golfer last month after inviting them to take part in a Scottsdale charity tournament.

The golfer afterwards called the location where the tournament was scheduled and learned there was no such event planned. According to police, the golfer eventually received his money back.

Another golfer claimed they gave Alexander $700 and a few gift cards under similar guises, according to authorities.

According to court records, representatives of Wounded Warrior told investigators that Alexander was not connected to their group.

A local golf club’s manager reported to the authorities that they had been receiving several inquiries from people enquiring about a charity tournament that never took place.

Alexander has allegedly been charged with committing various golf-related frauds in the past, according to public documents.

Alexander was penalized $382,000 in reparation by the Arizona Corporation Commission last year for defrauding locals into investing in a sham golf ball company. According to ACC data, the majority of investors didn’t get their full principal back or any kind of return on their investment.

Following his conviction for running a “Ponzi-like scheme” in which he promised investors huge financial returns on golf ball investments, documents reveal that he also served several years in federal prison.

According to reports, Alexander admitted to authorities that he realized it was immoral to use the Wounded Warrior charity to con others into giving him money, but that he needed the money to pay his bills.

According to online court records, separate fraud and theft allegations filed in Maricopa County last year resulted in warrants for Alexander’s arrest.

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