China tells U.S. it can't 'treat other countries like George Floyd!

China tells U.S. it can't 'treat other countries like George Floyd!

An enraged China has halted dialogue with the US on climate change, military issues and anti-drug work in invoked the murder of George Floyd as part of their retaliation for Nancy Pelosi's 'provocative' Taiwan visit -with diplomatic tensions reaching boiling point.

Earlier, Beijing decided to sanction House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi and her immediate family in response to her 'vicious' actions and after their military fired 11 ballistic missiles into the Taiwan Strait - with five landing in Japan's exclusion zone - and surrounded the island.

'Despite China's serious concerns and firm opposition, Pelosi insisted on visiting Taiwan, seriously interfering in China's internal affairs, undermining China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, trampling on the one-China policy, and threatening the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait,' a foreign ministry spokesperson said in a statement.

A spokesman for the communist government then compared the United States' behavior to the slaying of George Floyd at the hands of cops in Minneapolis.

Hua Chunying wrote: 'We cannot allow the US to take itself as "world policeman" and treat other countries George Floyd whom it can bully and strangle at will.'
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