Ontario woman defrauded of $11,000 by a psychic on TikTok Create History Clothing

Ontario woman defrauded of $11,000 by a psychic on TikTok

The 21-year-old Marie from Toronto, who only wanted to be recognized by her first name, claimed that when she initially made contact with the psychic, she was looking for spiritual healing and advice on what to do with the inheritance her stepfather left her.

“She was like, yeah, there’s so much negativity around you. I’m seeing 666, so we have to turn it into 999 and that’s where she got the $9,000 from.”

The psychic readings, according to Marie, started off costing around $20, but they gradually increased to hundreds of dollars per session and more over the following two months.

Marie says “Every time she would do a reading the price would go up. She would say I need more money to get rid of all this negativity, like I need to fix you,”

Marie ultimately sent roughly $11,000, in part because the psychic had advised her to purge the monies of any negative energy before sending them back. However, Marie never followed through on this advice.

Marie says “It makes me angry because I put my trust into someone and how can I be so dumb to trust a complete stranger and give them everything that my stepdad left for me,”.

Marie claimed that the psychic to whom she transferred the $11,000 no longer returns her messages, and she wanted to share her experience in order to warn other people.

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