Two Buses Of Illegal Immigrants Dropped Off in Front Of VP Harris House Create History Clothing

Two Buses Of Illegal Immigrants Dropped Off in Front Of VP Harris House

Two buses carrying migrants arrived Thursday at the US Naval Observatory -- the vice president's residence in Washington, DC -- from Texas, surprising volunteers who were not prepared to receive them there, volunteers in the district said.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has been busing migrants to the nation's capital to protest the Biden administration's immigration policies, said Thursday in a tweet that his state intentionally sent the buses to Vice President Kamala Harris' residence.

Buses carrying migrants from Texas usually have been dropping passengers off around Washington's Union Station. Volunteers were prepared to receive a bus Thursday at the station but learned that the buses went to the Naval Observatory instead, volunteers said.

Abbott started busing migrants to the nation's capital in April; Arizona followed suit, and the two states have since sent thousands of migrants to Washington. Abbott has expanded Texas' effort to include New York City and Chicago.

And Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week claimed credit for sending two planes carrying migrants to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Washington's Mayor Muriel Bowser last week declared a public health emergency because of Texas' and Arizona's moves -- in a bid to help officials mobilize resources faster. She announced a new government office that would provide basic needs to arriving migrants, including meals, transportation, urgent medical care, and transportation to connect people to resettlement services.

Browser last week also criticized Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey for their actions, saying they were creating a "growing humanitarian crisis."

Abbott's tweet Thursday took aim at President Joe Biden's administration and Harris.

"VP Harris claims our border is 'secure' & denies the crisis," the governor tweeted. "We're sending migrants to her backyard to call on the Biden Administration to do its job & secure the border."

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